The Deschutes Redbands Trout Unlimited chapter currently has over 400 members dedicated to working with all organizations in the area to improve the Upper Deschutes Watershed.  These goals are rooted in our desire to conserve, protect, restore and advocate for Central Oregon coldwater fisheries and the watersheds that support them.



“To conserve, protect, and restore the coldwater fisheries within the Deschutes River watershed by engaging our communities in education, stewardship, collaboration, and advocacy.”



“We envision a Deschutes River basin where a healthy river ecosystem supports thriving native fish populations. Local citizens will recognize that the health of the river ecosystem and the health of our human community are intrinsically linked and will steward our rivers for the well-being of both.”


If you would like more information about The Deschutes Chapter of Trout Unlimited, would like to become a member, or would like to find out about our conservation and education efforts, please email deschutestu@hotmail.com


Our Board Members

Shaun Pigott - President

Brett Davis - Vice President

Rick Stowell- Secretary

Mike Tripp - Ex Officio

Darek Staab - Project Manager of TU National

Nick Weber

Roger Rudolph

Paul Burton